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20 million satellite radio subs by 2010

This is one of the most interesting reports on satellite radio I’ve seen, because so much of its findings ring true to me.

Says Billboard Radio Monitor, citing the study:

Satellite radio will boast 19.5 million subscribers by 2010 with about 17% of all U.S. households tuning in to at least one of the two pay radio services, primarily because consumers like commercial-free music and the ability to listen to their favorite channels no matter where in the country they are.

Interesting note there on the “favorite channels no matter where in the country they are.” This is an advantage relative to terrestrial or HD radio.

And this…

Targetbase senior VP communication strategy Jordis Rosenquest said that “the numbers could easily be blown out of the water if you hit the right entertainment buttons.” Rosenquest said satellite radio has moved from being considered a technology gadget to a full-blown entertainment device. “Your early adopters are already there,” she said. “Now you’re moving to the early majority who must be shown the value and quality of the programming content.”

“Hitting the right entertainment buttons” means possessing and promoting content that is unique and magnetic (hello Howard, hello Oprah).

You can also see the “respondents tell you what you want to hear” effect in this result:

Even subscribers might be in the dark about the differences between the services. For example, a larger percentage of Sirius users label Major League Baseball an attraction, though it is XM that is the exclusive sat radio home of MLB.

If it’s that much of an attraction, you surely know where it is, don’t you? If you’re a big fan of the The Office, you know how to find it.

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