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18-24’s and New Media – but look closer at the numbers

Unsurprisingly, 18-24’s are most influenced.

But take a closer look at their numbers (click the image for a bigger view):

Does it strike you as funky that, for example, more than 40% of 55+ respondents use instant messaging? Remember, as far as I can tell the base here is ALL persons, not tech-savvy persons.

Does it strike you as funky that almost one out of three 18-24’s have used “picture phones” regularly or occasionally? Outside of a Best Buy I’ve never even seen a picture phone, and I’m no luddite.

Do you really think one in seven 55+-year-olds use web radio?

Is all of this possible? I suppose so. But some of the numbers seem terribly inflated. And it makes me wonder whether it’s “cool” to say you’re “hip” to new technology. What kind of modern research respondent wants to look and feel like they exist and are more comfortable in a technological stone-age?

Don’t accept numbers like this at face value.

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