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15-24-year-olds fly the Radio Coop

If kids are spending more time away from radio, it means they’re substituting other media for the benefits which radio provides.

…Which means radio needs to provide new benefits if it is to retain these listeners.

Invariably this comes down to entertainment, the very facet of our business that is in such scarce supply.

So what do you do?

Beg, steal, and borrow more talent, folks. Nurture the good ones. Hire some big names. Make the investments in programming that CAN’T be copied by other media.

If you want a short-cut you should take up another line of work. Because the entertainment business is bloody and risky and hard. And the hits are few and far between.

Now, do you STILL think you’re in the “radio business”?

Because what happens if your young listeners prefer to listen to something in the entertainment business?

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