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Zune w/HD Radio and the long awaited Sirius XM iPhone app. Yawn.

Two new techno-gadgets have been announced, neither of which is yet available, but both of which will likely be here by Fall (photos courtesy of Orbitcast via others).

First the latest edition of Microsoft's Zune – but this one with HD radio.  Now I'm not going to dismiss this because, while the Zune is nothing special and HD radio is nothing special and together they're nothing special, it's also true that the Zune did not NEED to add HD radio, but it did anyway.  And that says something, I suppose. 

Probably that Microsoft liked the way the term "HD" rolls off the tongue.  Because it's likely to roll off the tongue faster than it will roll out of the Best Buy.

Second, the long awaited first glimpse of the first screen shot from the new Sirius XM iPhone app.  I say "long awaited" because it's ridiculous that it has taken so long for this.  

For a while there I thought Mel was going to skip the iPhone phase and go straight to implanting Sirius XM chips in our brains alongside the chips that convince us to pay for content we could otherwise get for free.

Ho hum, all.

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