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You’re not in the “Radio Business,” you’re in the business of hand-deliverin

Clear Channel Radio is proud to announce the launch of their new online consumer/dealer automotive solution, is the first local automotive lead generation website launched by a radio group. The new and innovative site will equally benefit both the consumer and the dealer. The consumer will enjoy a friendly interface which allows them quick and easy access to shop and gather information among the thousands of vehicles that are listed. The site also features an easy way for them to market their own vehicles through the site’s “For Sale by Owner” application. Local DFW Automotive Dealers will enjoy the ability to list their entire new and pre-owned inventory complete with pictures and detailed vehicle information but, most importantly, will benefit from the local lead generation the site is designed to produce.

This is significant. Much more significant than the industry rags will lead you to believe.

Because it is an example of a new form of connection linking a station’s audience to that station’s advertiser so as to generate revenue results and happy customers without depending solely on a station’s airtime in an ever-more-cluttered ad marketplace.

This is exactly the type of Internet-based, off-air “connection mechanism” we’re going to see a LOT more of in the future, especially when it comes to sales categories of critical importance to the radio industry. It’s exactly the kind of stuff I’ve been talking about on this blog over the past few months. As a radio station, your strength isn’t that you have spots. It’s that you have listeners.

So where are you going to advertise, Mr. Local Auto Dealer?

On the station that will sell you spots?

Or with the one that will hand-deliver you leads?

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