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You can’t sell what folks don’t buy

I made the point more than a year ago that, as I put it, “people generally don’t buy radios, they buy things that contain radios.”

It was a retort for those who blamed the radio industry for the lackluster sales of HD radios that many of our stations are shilling on-air so breathlessly.

Meanwhile, witness this top-selling radio at The American Red Cross Emergency Radio.

It features:

– Emergency radio with water resistant housing – Endorsed by the American Red Cross – Hand crank can be used to recharge the built-in battery – Tunes AM/FM, seven NOAA weather alert channels, and TV channels 2-13 – Features emergency lights, plus a flashing beacon mode – cell phone charge

In other words, you’re buying “safety,” and it happens to include a radio.

Food for thought for the gadget merchants on the equipment side of HD or Satellite Radio.

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