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Why don’t radio stations advertise online?

When the conversation turns to advertising options, the menu generally looks like this:

Do we do TV, direct mail, or outdoor?

It’s a given (generally speaking) that stations will devote regular energy and resources to their community…er…database.

And occasionally the conversation turns to print, but usually includes the expressions “a little” and “trade.”

So where does that leave advertising online?

Is there anything inherently wrong with the prospect of advertising online? I don’t think so.

Yes, online is a competitor to radio. But so are TV and outdoor and print – yet we use them all.

“Well, this will attract listeners to our websites, but not our stations” you might say. To which I respond “if your website doesn’t convert listeners to your station, then there’s a big problem with your website.”

Further, the opportunity to supplement any and all on-air promotions with an inexpensive and far-reaching online component is beyond obvious – and the results will be 100% measurable.

Think about this the next time you ponder advertising options.

And ask yourself why you didn’t think of it sooner.

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