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What were you saying about ad clutter?

So a typical music-based radio station has, what, about 12 minutes of non-program minutes per hour? Maybe a minute or two less?

How does that compare to TV?

Here’s what one report says:

ABC…increased non-program minutes by 1% to 15:38 from 15:26. NBC was also slightly up–2%, to 13:04 from 12:48. It’s mostly cable that has good news for marketers. A big exception is the Fox News Channel, which increased 10% to 15:10 of non-program content from 13:05 the season before. MTV continues to the leader in total non-program minutes for any broadcast or cable network, at 16:09. While traditional commercial messaging seems to be leveling off, MindShare cautions that networks have increased their use of branded-entertainment messaging in program content. MindShare notes that a 2006 report from TNS Media Intelligence reveals that 35%, or 21 minutes, of every prime-time hour includes some kind of branded message.

Less is certainly not more than this.

Seems to me we have a lot to be proud of.

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