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Washington Post disses HD Radio

It seems that HD radio has left a bad taste in the mouth of a Washington Post journalist, and he’s not shy in sharing his opinions with readers:

Last week, I packed up the Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio HD, the subject of my review in late April, and shipped it back to the company.

Evidently he overslept more than once when his alarm radio turned on…to the sound of silence.

If the radio stations offering HD2 broadcasts (all of whom have shelled out some non-trivial cash to do so) can’t be bothered to keep them on their air full-time, why should anybody at home bother risking their cash on this technology?

I can’t begin to overstate the importance of fostering positive experiences with HD radio among early (non-technical) opinion shapers and buzz builders if we expect opinions to be shaped and buzz to be built that favors the agenda of HD radio.

And this is certainly not the way to do it.

In the spirit of fairness, I would be happy to reprint a glowing report on the HD radio experience by any independent and non-engineer journalist. If you have such a review, send me the link and I’ll publish it here.

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