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Video IS the Radio Star

No, video didn't kill the proverbial radio star, but video can BE the star of radio.

As media meld into each other the question of "who's in the moving picture business" and who isn't becomes irrelevant.

Thanks to the digital soup of media, EVERYONE is in the "moving picture business," including radio.

Of course, you can post your video using one of the many free tools, such as YouTube, or you can use a platform that you can more effectively control and monetize.  It seems to me that a station with a large audience would be better served to do the latter, especially since it doesn't preclude distributing content to freebie channels like YouTube, too.

Mike Glickenhaus is the head of VMIX, one of the leading companies providing such "you-control" video platforms to media companies worldwide – including radio, TV, and newspapers.  

We talked about the importance of video to radio, and what the best strategies are to make it happen. Watch this:

Here, for example, is a VMIX application for radio fully sponsored.  And here's another.

If you are a "local media company," then it's time to face the fact that you're a video company, too.

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