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The New Collegians

Yeah, you know your kids are different from you, but as broadcasters what do you do when they’re this different:

* 95% own a mobile phone * 78% sent a text message in the past week * 75% own a music player, such as an iPod * 55% own a video game device

The report concludes:

On many college campuses, everything from course scheduling to reserving a dorm washer or dryer is done online. Students at Ball State University in Indiana can check on the status of their wash online and be alerted by e-mail when it is done. “Basically, [college students] are always online,” Steve Jones of the Pew Internet & American Life Project told USA Today. “It’s so integrated into other routines, it’s no longer an activity unto itself.”

If it’s so integrated into other routines, to what degree is your radio station – or your station’s website – one of those routines?

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