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The facts on Hyundai’s HD radio announcement

Inside Radio mixed up the HD radio facts today: “Hyundai becomes the first non-luxury automaker to offer HD Radio” read the headline.

And while this is technically true, it glosses over the detail that there is (so far) one car model involved and that model is a “premium” (i.e., luxury) model (it’s a V-8!).

Also missed is the fact that HD radio is an option, not standard equipment. To have any chance at all HD radio must be standard.

Perhaps the point of entry for HD radio can only be as an option on a luxury vehicle – unless the radio industry opens its pocketbook and pays for a different, and much more effective, outcome.

Promoting the idea that HD radio is for the elite (which is exactly what these announcements do), and as an option-only for that elite, will do little to make 800 million radios into HD radios in your lifetime or mine.

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