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“The dog ate my homework”

From Inside Radio:

Opie & Anthony are gloomy — “I have no doubt we’ll get tossed off regular radio.” Opie says on Monday’s show that “The new guy [Dan Mason] hasn’t even talked to us yet. They fired Imus. I think they fired JV & Elvis. It’s not looking good. . .I think eventually we go back to XM satellite radio fulltime.” Why the air of depression? Opie (Gregg Hughes) says “the special interest groups got to the advertisers, so now the advertisers are scared.”

I don’t think Opie & Anthony are reading their Arbitron books.

Because that’s what’s scaring the advertisers.

Something’s wrong here, boys. Have you looked into what it is?

Satellite is not where you go when you can’t compete on terrestrial radio, it’s where you go when you don’t need to.

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