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The Best Mobile Application for Radio on the Market

And I'm talking about the best application for your station – not necessarily the best one for other purposes, such as having a wide choice of listening alternatives.

It's called TuneKast and it's from a company called AirKast.  And if you thought a mobile application was one which simply streamed your station, wait until you get a load of this.

Watch my tour of the app below.

As I have long argued, a mobile environment is as different from "over the air" as a movie is different from a book.  You can instantly see how this app transforms the nature of the radio experience to match it to a novel environment, all the while adding audience engagement and monetization opportunities for you, the radio station.

For anybody who thought that streaming your station had to be monetized – and justified – strictly on the basis of the stream alone, think again.

More info on this app is available from TuneKast.  And it will soon be available for barter or next to nothing from the crew at Triton Media.

Sometimes, stuff just makes sense.

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