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So you need a new morning show…

…but where do you go?

Do you drop in something syndicated? Do you go to the smaller market farm team? Or do you do what almost nobody does and look to what’s outrageously popular on the Internet and attempt to lure or license that show?

That’s where Keith and the Girl come in.

Check out this show and you’ll hear what sounds like a morning radio show – albeit with an FCC-unfriendly edge. But it’s amazingly good compared to the crap we’re all exposed to day in and day out.

And that’s not just my opinion.

According to Wikipedia: Keith and The Girl has consistently been the 1st- or 2nd-ranked podcast at Podcast Alley, often reaching the #1 ranking based on user votes. The show has 35,000 listeners as of March 2007 and receives in excess of a million monthly downloads.

Are you smarter than a million monthly downloads? I’m not.

Compare the Alexa traffic statistics for Keith and The Girl to, for example,

Maybe you should listen to them [via their website or iTunes].

Our industry is not paying enough attention to what’s hot online.

That had better change – and soon.

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