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Pandora: Internet Radio Growth coming from AM/FM

So says Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy in this opening session highlight from the recent Worldwide Radio Summit, moderated by Triton’s Mike Agovino.

Joe also shares some stats on reduced TSL for radio and matches that against the growth for Internet Radio.  These are stats that are not often publicized in the radio industry.

Let’s be frank:  Of course some Internet radio growth will come from radio. Maybe most of it will come from radio.  And it will not stop people from listening to the radio.  Rather, it will shave away quarter-hours from radio, just as every other entertainment distraction does.

That’s not to minimize its impact, it’s to recognize that all media of all types are losing usage (if not users) as choices and forms and control options proliferate.

There’s more music than ever being listened to – just not on the radio.  There’s more TV than ever being watched – just not on the big screen in your living room.  It’s important for radio to face up to this and deal with it as the challenge it is.

For only by facing the truth of the present can we smartly and enthusiastically act to change the truth of the future.


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