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Nominate the Top 10 Twitter Must-Follows for Radio Broadcasters

Nominations are open now!

What Tweets are your must-reads?  What are the best and most important Twitterati in Radio-land?

Comment here with your nomination(s).  Please, only a couple per submission, max!  Make sure to include the link! (And be patient while you wait for your comments to appear – they are moderated)

I'll run through the nominees and post the winners from your list next week!

Remember, we're looking for the tweets that help you do your job better.  Not the tweets that illustrate the exciting life of Ashton Kutcher.

Feel free to retweet this invitation and spread word to your network.

P.S. You can leave my Tweets off your nomination list, because something tells me it will make the top ten regardless.  :-)

P.P.S.  If you really prefer to remain anonymous, you can email me directly.

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