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Nielsen vs. Arbitron: And the match goes to…

So let me get this straight….

Nielsen will compete against Arbitron in 50 or so smaller and medium markets and will do so with once-a-year-measurement of audience estimates.

And they will do it with the trusty old diary methodology.

All this in an era when I can find out who, exactly, is watching my video or visiting my web page or clicking on my Google ad on a moment-by-moment, all-the-time, every-time basis.

All this in an era when the faceless mass matters less than who you are, what you want, and what you choose to do with the media options you now control.

All this in an era when measuring ears is less important than measuring results.

If I'm in a small market (or any market for that matter), the number of feet in the door is far more important than the number of ears estimated to have heard my message if only it had aired on the station during its measurement period – as long as 11 months ago.

Chalk it up to progress, folks!

If I shook my head any more vigorously I'd have to add the Warner Brothers cartoon sound effect.

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