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More HD Radio research news

Essentially, Mark’s national study (749 respondents interviewed by phone in late may, aged 18-64) shows that 38% of respondents have “heard of” HD Radio, while 25% (of the total – that is, less than all 38%) have some knowledge of it other than knowledge of the term itself (which could be thanks to TV, not radio).

Says FMQB, quoting the research:

Only one percent of 18-64 year-olds surveyed believe that HD Radio will bring more stations and programming options. And three percent believed it is the same as satellite radio.

My take:

On the surface, 25% of the population having some knowledge of HD Radio can only be described as amazingly good news. But it leads to an obvious reality check: If you ask four people on the street about HD Radio, will one of those persons really know anything significant about its features and benefits?

Indeed, Kassof’s own findings suggest the answer is “no.” How else to explain the almost impossibly low perception of “more programming options” on HD. How can you not know that and presume to know anything about HD?

In fact, do listeners really know what they say they know? Or are their minds fogged by HDTV? Or are they trying to appear smart and informed to a researcher by giving the obvious “correct” answer?

You tell me.

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