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More bleak news for the music industry

From the news:

NPD stated that around one million consumers decided to stop buying CDs last year, with teens leading the trend. According to estimation, around 48% of teens in the U.S. bought no CDs last year, 10% more than one year before (38%). If the trend grows at this pace (if not more rapidly), CDs and US teens will have nothing to do with each other by 2013. Talk about 13 and bad luck In addition, teens are also more and more inclined to download music files via P2P, with such activities increasing during the past year. Last but not least, the worst news for the music industry execs is that the overall music spending went down 10%. The most likely explanation would be linked to digital downloads: with customers now able to buy a single track instead of an entire album, less and less people are inclined to spend more.
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