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Mancow’s One-Night Stand

Madness from Inside Radio:

Mancow says satellite radio is like a one night stand. He says uncensored content is “kind of exciting — but you cannot have a substantial relationship with that kind of host.” “Mancow,” [the creator of “Drunk Chick Friday”] says the pressure for morning show hosts to push the envelope has been “a cancer on our business” and he’s renewing his call for a less coarse content on radio.

Mancow calling for “less coarse content on radio”? Isn’t this like taking diet advice from a trans fat?

Yeah, I know Mancow’s schtick has changed over the years, but let’s be honest about our origins and not pretend we were never the Wicked Witch of the West and we abhor flying monkeys.

Uncensored content is like a one night stand? You can’t have a “substantial relationship” with that?

Which episode of The Sopranos falls into that category? Which one of Chris Rock’s live shows? Which part of Knocked Up defies relationship?

“Uncensored” doesn’t necessarily mean deplorable. It means “not censored” according to tastes other than those of the content creators.

Sounds like “freedom” in action to me.

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