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Look who’s pushing Internet Radio – the RAB!

ADVERTISING WEEK WILL BE COVERED by a dedicated Web radio station this year. Content will include streaming audio of events and behind-the-scenes interviews. The station, created by Advertising Week and the Radio Advertising Bureau, will be available at It will also be accessible through the two organizations’ Web sites: and The up-to-the-minute coverage of Advertising Week events will help demonstrate the utility and growing popularity of Internet radio–now radio’s key growth area–driving a 12% increase in non-spot revenue in the second quarter of 2007.The RAB and its members have been highlighting Internet radio as a hot new medium with great potential for creative advertising strategies. The full range of content for Advertising Week includes keynotes, panels and sessions, interviews, event updates and highlights, daily prizes, including HD radios and tickets to invitation-only events. There will also be some exclusive programming from CBS Radio’s six New York stations, specially created for the station.

So in other words, the RAB has just legitimized Internet Radio not only as an advertising vehicle but as a valid part of the radio industry universe.

Note the reference to exclusive content from CBS Radio – this gives you an indication about who might really be behind this effort and why. CBS has long been near the forefront of radio’s new media efforts.

(I’ll leave it to you to consider the irony of using the “hot new medium” of Internet Radio to sell the cold new medium of HD)

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