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Lessons from a 94-year-old brand

When your brand dates back to 1913, it is what it is what it is, right?


Says Clorox VP Marketing Tarang Amin in Ad Age:

The main reason you don’t have that many brands that are 94 years old is because somewhere along the line, someone decides this brand is only this. And when you actually decide the brand can’t live and breathe a change, that is when the brand dies. What’s been a key to not only keeping Clorox going for this many years but actually [growing] is really deciding, “Where do women want to see us, and what do we need to be?”

Added Association of National Advertisers President-CEO Bob Liodice:

You’ve heard that these brands are around a long time. And the reason why they are around a long time and will continue to be around a long time is because they are consistently reinventing themselves. Marketers have to be thinking about reinventing the way they generate revenue, manage costs, manage their time and manage their people. And in order to be able to do that, they have to consistently look at themselves in a fresh way. And the whole reason innovation is so important to branding is because it’s essentially responsible for driving brand equity and driving revenue.

Food for thought, whether your legendary brand is 1 year old or 94 years old.

If we assume any radio station can only do what it has always done we are on a long, slow march to obscurity.

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