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It depends what you mean by “taking off”

From Inside Radio:

Is HD Radio taking off too slowly? Some say yes. ABC Radio Network’s Digital Media SVP John Rosso says the audience just doesn’t get HD yet – partly because they don’t know what’s available. He says “Radio needs to create a universal program guide.” And some think it won’t succeed unless every radio has high-definition automatically built in. That’s according to self-described “HD Radio skeptic” Edison Research’s Larry Rosin. He says it “can work” if it’s something that comes with the next clock radio you buy. But not as a standalone unit. What’s got some concerned is the lack of consumer demand. Oliver Media principal Denise Oliver says she’s yet to hear a consumer say they need to buy a HD Radio to listen to a specific station.

Ah yes, they all come around eventually.

By the way, it is not a “universal program guide” the audience needs. It’s a solution to a problem they need.

And for the folks behind HD radio, what’s needed is to worship at the consumer’s throne rather than imagining it works the other way around.

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