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“…if radio gets behind it”

From Inside Radio:

iBiquity hopes holiday time is HD Radio time. It’s announcing some sweet rebates to early adopters who are tempted by the new crop of HD receivers just coming to the market (from RadioShack to Cambridge SoundWorks)….That could help offset what has so far been one of the rollout’s sore spots — high price points for both table top and car units…The Holiday Rebate Program at retailers like RadioShack, Tweeter, Amazon and select Circuit City stores will help — if radio gets behind it.

Two assumptions here which are incorrect and pervasive in the radio industry:

1. That high price is the problem, and…

2. “If radio needs gets behind it” – in other words, it’s YOUR fault if HD radio fails to ignite the mass market. It’s YOUR lack of support which would be the root cause of any potential HD radio failure. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the marketing or strategic logic of the HD initiative itself, oh no. It’s because YOU, the broadcasters, failed to get in line.

Both assumptions are incorrect.

Arrogantly swaggering around consumers is not the same as servicing their wants and delighting their expectations.

Here’s my prediction: If and when HD radio disappoints the industry will point the finger at you. You will be to blame. Get ready for it.

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