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I’ll buy my spots from Apple, thank you

And now Apple is in the advertising business.

First the company, made famous by friendly personal computers, launched a mobile music device and an easy system to fill it with music.  Then they launched a mobile computer that doubled as a telephone. Now they launch iPad with what is likely to be its own advertising ecosystem.

While we are sleeping, Apple will transform from gadget guru into advertising giant.

What's central to Apple's strategy has always been the idea that the presumed limits are no limits at all, that the barrier between "picture" and "frame" are not where you think it is.

Apple re-draws that barrier better than just about anybody.  And I think it's instructive to folks toiling away in the radio business to recognize that if the computer giant who becomes the music industry giant who becomes the mobile telephony giant can become the advertising giant, then…

…what can you become?

What are radio's limits, really?

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