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How to get HD Radio on your iPhone

One way to get HD Radio on your iPhone:

1.  Go to Radio Shack or its online store

2.  Spend $80

3.  Download the free HD Radio app

4.  Carry your slim and beautiful iPhone around with a bulky and clunky adapter wherever you go

Another way to get HD Radio on your iPhone:

1.  Download any radio station app since virtually all stations that have them feature their HD channels on them – all for free, no extra gadgets required

2.  Enjoy

In the former case, we're trying to sell audiences (and ourselves) on a technology, all other considerations be damned.

In the latter case we're trying to bring audiences fresh content regardless of any technological obstructions, obligations, or behavioral hoops.

Which would YOU do?

Well that depends on whether you're in the business of selling audiences or the business of selling HD Radio chips.

This is not about what we want, it's about what consumers want.

I don't know about you, but I vote that we do NOT treat our audience – and the thoughtful folks in our industry – like fools.

(By the way, I'm no more excited about the Sirius XM gadget that turns your iPhone into a satellite radio for $120).

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