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HD Radio: Stunts and symbols at your expense

I was going to let this topic alone until I read this portion of the announcement about the appearance of HD radio units on QVC:

The HD Digital Radio Alliance is promoting [the] show — set to air Wednesday, September 26 from 10-10:30 p.m. ET — with a radio advertising campaign in 100 markets nationwide.

So that means your station is advertising QVC for free so that the HD Digital Alliance can pull a promotional stunt with 30 minutes of cable prime timed to coincide with the kickoff of the NAB radio show.

How does that make you feel?

What does it do to the perception of radio’s value when we squander it on bartered stunts like this?

Is real progress more important than symbols and news releases?

No, not at all, it seems. Especially not when you’re picking up the tab.

Look for the Alliance’s second stunt on Thursday when they announce how many radios were sold. Then look for a quick return to the status quo. You tell me, is it more important to distribute radios or to impress you and your peers during NAB?

Let’s hope those radios are encrusted in Diamonique and hand-molded into capodimonte figurines.

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