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HD Radio and the Myth of Awareness

I saw it again in the radio trades today – a reference to higher awareness for HD radio in those markets with a pronounced HD2 programming and marketing effort.

But note this:

Awareness has almost nothing whatsoever to do with the potential success or lack thereof for HD radio.

Saying “well, folks need to be aware of it in order to buy it” is like saying you need to have a hand in order to buy a glove. Of course you do. But the existence of hands does not necessarily lead to the demand for gloves. In marketing this type of condition is called “necessary, but not sufficient.”

No one has ever bought anything simply because they were aware of it. They buy what they buy because they want it.

So when you see the trades report measures of awareness ask yourself these questions:

Why aren’t they reporting measures of demand?

Why aren’t they reporting measures of sales?

Maybe this little post will encourage them to do both.

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