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HD Awareness Shocker!

From today’s news:

A recent telephone study by Mark Kassof & Co. reveals that 67% of adults 18-64 have heard of HD Radio, a dramatic increase from a similar study it conducted in 2006, when only 38% had heard of HD Radio.

In related news a study by Mercury Media Research has indicated that 100% of pointless studies will be detailed in industry trades and, by the way, 67% of radio station employees wish they had wings so they could fly.

Said Mercury head Mark Ramsey, “This is even more dramatic than the HD study, if such a thing is possible. It’s so dramatic, in fact, that Angelina Jolie has signed to star in the movie version of our news release.”

Added Ramsey, “Eventually 100% of adults will have heard of HD radio, while 110% will express no interest whatsoever in it, and 150% will kindly ask the interviewer to stop asking them questions about HD radio.”

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