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Finally, the “S” Word….

From Inside Radio:

Volvo makes HD Radio standard on all 2009 models. Volvo will become the first automaker to offer HD Radio technology as standard equipment on all its 2009 models excluding the Volvo S60. Volvo Cars of North America CEO Doug Speck says, Volvo also offers Sirius XM Radio and an iPod interface.

This doesn't change the future of HD radio at all – which is futureless.  But I have long remarked that anything provided as an "option" was the same as making it "standard to ignore."

"Standard" equipment means you don't have to decide on it, thus making it part of your life without you even knowing it.  So congratulations on "standard," HD Radio.  

Too bad it didn't come 15 years earlier.

HD Radio – and an infinite variety of other radio – is already available as "standard" equipment on any car equipped with a 3G iPhone.  HD has been overwhelmed by the same trend-tsunami that is crushing satellite radio – and HD was much closer to the beach.

The technological fight is over.  I'm afraid you lost, HD.

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