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Fewer than 1 in 600 Americans use HD radio

Some unfortunate statistics, based on the remarkably and admirably candid admission in the Boston Globe that “Fewer than half a million Americans use a new technology called HD radio.”

That’s about 1 in 600 Americans.

So the average consumer is more likely to die by accidental drug overdose or by hanging, strangulating, or suffocating themselves than they are to own an HD radio.

The consequences of this, depsite all of the industry’s herculean efforts, are profound. You can only present our industry as being at the beginning of a technology for so long, until eventuallly the “beginning” becomes the “middle” and finally the “end.”

Our two year heavy on-air promotional effort? Almost over. Our two year pledge to keep the new HD stations commercial free? Almost over.

Is there any question in your mind this is not rolling out the way it should?

To some audiences I have spelled out the proper and effective way to establish HD radio, but I have no sign that this advice is being heard, let alone heeded (such is sometimes the nature of free advice).

So I’ll spell it out here – later.

More than a few groups are doing really interesting things with their HD channels but like a tree falling in the forest, nobody will know. So please understand this: I am not in any way against HD radio, but I am most definitely against bungling HD radio.

And anyone who cares about the radio industry should feel likewise.

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