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Circuit City and HD Radio

In our recent NAB presentation we gave the HD Radio Alliance the best gift we could possibly give them: The truth and what to do with it.

Based on today’s headlines, they don’t seem to be getting the message.

Yes, it’s great that Circuit City is signed on to be HD Radio’s first big box retailer (in ten markets). But they have virtually nothing to sell.

Meanwhile, stations in 58 markets will be running mentions for online availability at Circuit City’s website. And each Alliance member station will run 150 commercials per station per week.

So what this really amounts to is free advertising for Circuit City in the holiday season, without the liklihood of moving much HD radio product.

And that leads to a question: Is Circuit City carrying this radio because they think it will sell? Or are they doing a bare minimum in exchange for free advertising at the time of year they need it most?

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