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Can we get on the same HD page?

This from a TV station in Lancaster PA:

A piece on HD radio which for the first time introduces the term “Hybrid Digital” – a new one on me. Is that what “HD” stands for now?

In an interview with a local retailer he is asked what makes HD different, and here’s his answer:

[The] biggest advantage [relative to satellite] is that it’s going to be local. So there’s going to be local ads. Local companies can still advertise on there. You’ll be able to hear what’s going on around the area — local news, local weather.

A big advantage is that there are going to be local ads?! Sign me up for that!

It’s no wonder there’s confusion in the marketplace. The HD radio powers-that-be need to communicate a message that’s clear, simple, and effective if they expect to communicate anything at all.

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