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Can Twitter be Radio’s “Killer App”?

Plenty of radio stations are plugged into Twitter – to pimp themselves.

But how many radio stations leverage Twitter to benefit their clients?

One pizza joint is discovering that Twitter can make its cash register ring.  A local business.  One that is perhaps or would otherwise be a radio client.

Interestingly they had to erect a billboard in order to get the word out on their Twitter feed.

Couldn't radio do this job, too?

In fact, couldn't radio collaborate with local businesses to make Twitter part of the sale – part of the proof that radio works?

From Ad Age:

Naked Pizza, a New Orleans healthful-pizza shop that's hoping to go national — Mark Cuban is a backer — has been marketing itself via the microblogging service. And recently it has started to track Twitter-spurred sales at the register. In a test run April 23, an exclusive-to-Twitter promotion brought in 15% of the day's business. "Every phone call was tracked, every order was measured by where it came from, and it told us very quickly that Twitter is useful," said Jeff Leach, the restaurant's co-founder.

Radio can learn to master the tools which can make the medium more powerful – or be replaced by them.

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