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Business Week roasts HD radio

Plum quotation (and yes, I’ve been saying it for more than a year):

The key for the broadcasters is content, not technology.

More here.

Or listen to the Business Week podcast about HD Radio.

Admittedly, when I hear comments like “the same miserable content as on regular radio” or “commercial radio is more ads than content – or so it seems” it’s hard to keep listening. Yes, this is one radio-hating man’s opinion, but that man has a Business Week column, folks. And if we can’t impress the critics we will have a tough time impressing consumers.

As this critic says, “the only time I listen to commercial radio any more is when I’m in a rental car and it’s all I can get.” Someone should tell him that makes him extremely UNlike the rest of America in case he thinks otherwise.

Ironically, if we could only rally our efforts and focus on the key issues I outlined more than a year ago, perhaps all this would be playing out differently.

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