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What Radio needs to do…

…is the same thing that magazines need to do. In fact, I’ll take this excerpt from MarketingVOX and replace “print” with “radio”:

Advertisers are less apt to buy into the notion that [radio] is an essential medium in the digital age, so [radio broadcasters] need to create multiplatform packages that tie in to the web, mobile devices and other appropriate digital media, according to Robin Steinberg, SVP and director of print investment at Publicis Groupe’s MediaVest. Steinberg spoke to a packed New York Times auditorium earlier this week at one of a series of breakfast meetings produced by the Advertising Women of New York in conjunction with Advertising Week, writes MediaWeek (via MediaBuyerPlanner). Some [radio stations] that have gained their [listeners’] love and trust can tap into those emotional ties to encourage dialog between [listeners] and the [station] via digital media, Steinberg said. “Give your [listeners] the options to interact with each other and your brand. Build an online community where the common thread is your brand.”

This is the same message I gave attendees at Mercury’s NAB presentation last week (And, by the way, I have gotten lots of requests for another look at that presentation – I’ll be preparing an online version and posting it next week; stay tuned).

The reason, frankly, I get so annoyed about HD radio is because spending all our time discussing and debating HD means we’re not spending all our time discussing and debating the real opportunities – or threats – that are before us.

Listen to Ms. Steinberg.

Or don’t.

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