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A Fresh Look: How Radio can “Seduce PPM”

The last time I posted this presentation in this blog it was three years ago and almost no radio station was impacted by PPM.

My, how times change.

Today, this presentation feels as timely as ever, despite being one of the first public presentations on how to thrive in the PPM world.

We have come a long way in three years, but lots of broadcasters have yet to see this vital presentation. And plenty of what’s in here will resonate with you – including some points that have led to notable programming strategies in the years since.

For example, ever wonder why some stations are doing “Commercial-free Mondays”? You’ll find the original argument right here.

So, if you’ve seen this already, it might be worth a fresh look – this is the first time I’m streaming it.

And if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

I should add that the heart of this presentation is a discussion of the critical difference between audience “retention” and “acquisition.”

That central distinction is still beyond the understanding of too many broadcasters who fail to grasp the concept that it’s not just about keeping listeners locked in, it’s also about giving them reasons to come back.

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