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Intercom.fm Gives Your Audience the Power to Create Radio Segments

Radio barely scratches the surface of co-creation – the idea that today’s digitally empowered consumers are also producers – makers – of content. And content-makers want nothing more than an audience for their content. Platforms abound, but audiences and the attention they possess remain precious and scarce. If there’s one thing a successful radio brand has it’s an audience. So how can a broadcaster invite its audience of content-makers to make that content in their presence and integrate it into the brand’s platform? Historically, listeners could make content for broadcasters only by … [Read more...]


How to make Listener and DJ Relationships Interactive – and Social

What's the point of being a "local" station if "local" DJs aren't interacting with "local" consumers? What if your listeners could interact directly with DJ's via mobile devices - and audio - going well beyond a typical Facebook page or TXT message? That's the premise of what Zambig offers. Zambig has created tools designed to enable interaction between listeners and DJ's and to take those interactions social - with audio. In this video, Zambig founders Blair and Cordell Giesen talk about what their application does and why it matters in the larger picture of social media, … [Read more...]


Think of Your Digital Platform as a Relationship Engine

One of my regular themes is that broadcasters must do a much better job of monetizing the conversation - the relationship - they have with their consumers. The average broadcaster views digital monetization as a process of making money from their website, especially via display ads.  This is not only scratching the surface, but it's scratching the wrong surface. And worse, many programmers are incentivized on web traffic under the assumption that it's better when more folks go to their website. While that's not wrong, it creates a natural tendency for programmers to "promote" their … [Read more...]


Maybe You’re Trying to Monetize the Wrong Thing

"We have to drive more traffic to our site!" How many times have we heard that - or said it? Why is this our goal?  Well, maybe it's because the site is where our display ads are and the more eyeballs we get there the better off we perceive ourselves to be.  Maybe it's because we're a program director and part of our incentive structure is based on site uniques.  Maybe it's just because we equate more site traffic with a more successful brand. No matter how you cut it, however, I think it's the wrong question to ask.  And here's why: Your website is not a destination, it's simply part … [Read more...]

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