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What Radio Needs to Know About Millennials

If you were born in the 80's or 90's, you're in your late teens to early 30's today. You are also a digital native and quite unlike older folks, including the older folks running the radio business. That explains why these older folks don't know a lot about you - only what Nielsen tells them - only what radio their PPM devices are exposed to - and not much else. But oh, there's much more to know. And it's terribly important for the future of an industry that must maintain its relevance as generations come and go. That's why I talked with psychologist, professor, and author Jean Twenge … [Read more...]


What Radio’s Changing Audience Demos Means for You

As you consider your target audience, don't forget that target keeps moving. And it has profound implications for radio. Check out this chart from Business Insider via WSJ: This chart shows the changes in US demographics (age only) over the past six years. What you're looking at is a slight decline in the overall number of 25-54's (down 1.2%), a more sizable increase among 16-24's (up 3.7%) and a massive increase among those 55 and over - the folks who are traditionally of little to no interest to commercial radio broadcasters (up a huge 19%). That's just in the past six … [Read more...]


Radio made by and for Under-20’s

Here's what I'm sick of: The relentless whine to get more younger people involved with radio in content and management positions. Listen, if you want younger people with innumerable choices - most of their own making - to sign on to your medium, then you have to meet them on their own terms and stop expecting them to meet you on yours. Enter U20. A project from Australia's Austereo intended to offer under-20's a reason to get involved in a medium that has largely left them behind. And that reason is simple:  They get to take control and make it their own. After all, … [Read more...]

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