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What’s the Future of Radio? That’s the Wrong Question

Everyone wants to know about "the future of radio"? But what if that's the wrong question? For example, what happens if (or is it when?) the FCC relaxes the rules restricting cross-ownership of newspaper, TV, and radio stations in local media markets? Reflect on how dramatically the radio industry changed when broadcasters were free to consolidate within the single distribution channel called "radio." Now how much do you think the landscape will change when the differences between media channels are no longer radio vs. TV vs. newspaper but rather between my bundle of media assets in a … [Read more...]


5 Lessons Radio can learn from Blockbuster

Blockbuster once defined the video business.  Now in bankruptcy, it has shuttered thousands of stores and fired thousands of employees. Flash back 25 years, and Blockbuster was revolutionary.  All the videos most folks wanted - and all in one place and easy to rent. Blockbuster quickly became THE way to experience movies at home.  It became the established way. The analogy to radio is obvious.  The established way to consume content - check.  Purveyor of the hits most people want most of the time - check. Conveniently located and part of your daily habit - check.  Local to your community … [Read more...]

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