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Audio Advertisers: It’s Time To Make Spots Much Shorter

This was the headline: "Fox adopting YouTube's Six Second Ad Format." "This is the first time that a broadcast television company has committed to the ad format, which YouTube introduced last year," the companies said. That means Fox TV will be airing six second spots across its platforms, including linear television. And don't think that this trend will stop there, folks. At my hivio event last year I presented research which explicitly tested what consumers - listeners - wanted to hear from ad-supported audio platforms (you can watch the whole presentation here). We didn't test … [Read more...]


Leave the Digital Strategy to Muggles

Recently, Roy Williams, the "Wizard of Ads," had this to say in the print version of┬áRadio Ink: I strongly believe radio should not look to the Web as a growth center for profits. ┬áThat would be short-term and counter-productive. I believe a radio station's digital assets should be given away as added value for radio's broadcast advertisers.... You're not in the Internet business. What? Wow. While I have great respect for wizards ever since I watched one vanquish Voldemort last weekend, this particular one needs a new spell: Realitus Perceptus! I have read Roy's books and have … [Read more...]

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