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You’re in the Brand Amplification Business

Don't let the fuss over the merger of unprofitable Newsweek with the not yet profitable Daily Beast fool you. There is indeed gold in them there hills for magazines - and ALL media brands - if they focus on amplifying their brands rather than printing more issues. Just ask the folks at WIRED. From today's news: “The gloves are off here at Condé [Nast],” said Wired publisher Howard Mittman, whose magazine will end the year in the number-one spot for ad page growth at the company, up 24 percent. “We’re bigger than we’ve ever been, and we’ve put the brand in a place to focus on other … [Read more...]


How to Create Something Great

"To create something great, you need the means to make a lot of really bad crap." So says author and tech pioneer Steven Johnson in the latest edition of WIRED. Johnson cites a number of examples, from TV (which was too expensive to produce to be really bad until that great thing called YouTube came along) to spectrum (which was once too precious to be wasted, but once unregulated was open to great ideas that waste it, like Wi-Fi) to the Internet itself (that which allows spam also allows Amazon). Radio spectrum, too, is a precious commodity, a scarce jewel in the media universe, too … [Read more...]


Is the Web Dead?

I didn't even know it had a headache. But so says WIRED magazine in its September cover story. Here's the heart of their argument: Over the past few years, one of the most important shifts in the digital world has been the move from the wide-open Web to semiclosed platforms that use the Internet for transport but not the browser for display. It’s driven primarily by the rise of the iPhone model of mobile computing, and it’s a world Google can’t crawl, one where HTML doesn’t rule. And it’s the world that consumers are increasingly choosing, not because they’re rejecting the idea of the … [Read more...]

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