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The Nail in HD Radio’s Coffin – And What It Means For You

From Tom Taylor Now: A site named GMAuthority says among the changes for the [Chevrolet] Traverse, “HD Radio [is] removed.” There’s more. For the 2015 Silverado truck, GMAuthority says “HD radio feature removed from all radios.” Same for the 2015 GMC Sierra truck, here. For the high-end Buick Enclave, the previous “Color Touch AM/FM/SiriusXM/HD Radio with CD player” is replaced by “AM/FM/SiriusXM radio with CD player.” No mention of HD. As for the Chevy Impala, no HD, and SiriusXM also appears to be missing. So is GM’s in-house OnStar – but there’s a visible reason for that. The GMAuthority … [Read more...]


Chevrolet’s Plan for Built-In Wi-Fi In Your Car

There's a tendency for some broadcasters to put too much faith in the idea that consumers will prefer traditional radio over the online variety because of scarce and expensive bandwidth. But the reality is that bandwidth is neither that scarce nor that expensive, when compared to the value derived from it. And one way to circumvent the limitations of your mobile phone's bandwidth altogether is to access the net from another hotspot. Like, say, your car. That's exactly Chevrolet's plan. It's already on display in the 2015 Malibu and Impala, and it's coming soon to fourteen more 2015 … [Read more...]


New Wi-Fi has a range of 62 miles. Yes, really.

Once upon a time Wi-FI could barely reach from one end of your house to the other. Pundits scoffed at the idea that the Internet could ever live in cars since traveling down the road meant an endless succession of somebody else's (closed) Wi-Fi networks. Then folks realized that you could bring the Internet into the car with you, thanks to the 3G (or better) device in your pocket that you also occasionally used for making calls. Yeah, they said, but that's clunky and awkward and only on its way to becoming universal.  True enough. And then, one day, a new Wi-Fi standard was approved, … [Read more...]

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