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What Should AM Radio Do?

In this short video, I spell out what AM should do to continue to thrive. Hint: The answer's not going to come from our friends in Washington D.C. What does it mean to be in the "AM Radio Business" - and is that even the one you're in? I think we're asking ourselves the wrong questions and, as a result, getting the wrong answers. Prefer audio? Try this: [jwplayer mediaid="10310"] Download Audio (You can subscribe to all the MRM video and audio via iTunes and get the goodies before everybody else. You can also get advance notice of this content if you "like" MRM on … [Read more...]


Is Podcasting Radio’s Enemy?

"We’re trying to make it...easy for people to listen on the radio." With those words, ESPN 980 erected the equivalent of a pay wall when they decided to delay podcasts of on-air content for 24 hours to soak up every second of potential Arbitron credit from this listening.  In other words, the goal was to force people to listen on-air whether they wanted to or not. This assumes, of course, that you can force consumers to do anything in a world of a zillion choices (hint:  You can't). Isn't it ironic that this news comes on the very day that Apple announces the ability to get your media … [Read more...]

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