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Interacting with Audio Ads by Voice – XAPPMedia’s Pat Higbie

Is "touch" broken, when it comes to advertising? That's the argument from XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie in this presentation from hivio 2015, the audio future festival. So what's not broken? Your ability to activate advertising outcomes with your voice. Especially using mobile devices and when you're on-the-go. XAPPmedia's XAPP Ads are interactive audio ads that connect consumers directly with brands. Consumers can respond to ads instantly with just their voice. Watch this video and see (or hear) for yourself: Make sure to sign up at hivio.com if you want to be in the loop for … [Read more...]


The Shocking (Un)Reality of Radio

Shocking! Some radio shows evidently use voice actors instead of authentic callers! The entertainment programs (and we are talking almost exclusively about entertainment programs, not talk shows) who use such techniques should be ashamed of themselves! How dare they swap authenticity for entertainment!  Give me boring authenticity any day, that’s why I listen to the radio, to be bored out of my skull! The rest of the world is real, why not the radio? Next you’re going to tell me that supermodels are airbrushed, politicians tell half-truths, and the reality TV stars chatting over … [Read more...]


How to Be Great

I was reading a post on "what every blog needs to be great," and was struck with the results of this poll: Why was this so striking? Because these results don't simply answer the question for blogs.  I would argue they answer the question for any brand - even a radio brand. How much effort does your radio brand invest in its distinctive voice?  How distinctive is your voice, in fact? It's almost impossible to imagine a distinctive voice that doesn't in some way involve actual human voices.  A "distinctive voice" is an expression of personality, if not "personalities."  In our … [Read more...]

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