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Do Consumers REALLY want FM chips on Mobile Phones?

All other things equal, the best way to assess future behavior is to look to past behavior.  That is, rather than ask consumers what they might do tomorrow, ask them what they actually did yesterday.  This gives you behavioral data rather than simply attitudinal data, and it allows people to tell you what they actually do rather than what they think you might want to hear. For example, much discussion has swirled around the presumed appetite in the US for FM chips on mobile phones.  Note that I am not talking about the appetite for radio content via downloadable apps on mobile phones, but … [Read more...]


New Survey warns: Radio must be Irreplaceable

Okay radio listeners, if your stations vanished tomorrow, would you miss them?  Would you care? This is a critical question in that it reflects the degree to which radio is consumed because of what it does as opposed to being consumed simply because it’s convenient, ubiquitous, and habitual. “What’s the difference?” you might say.  “Radio is convenient, ubiquitous, and habitual whether you want to pretend otherwise or not.” That’s true.  However change happens at the edges and change begins with new options and new behaviors tuned to those options that develop over time.  Options … [Read more...]


The Danger to Terrestrial Radio posed by Internet Radio in Cars

One third of radio listeners would listen less to local radio if they had easy access to Internet Radio built into their cars. That's one of the alarming statistics from a recent national study I conducted in conjunction with VIP Research. In the study, which was a national survey of more than 2,000 radio listeners covering 22 markets, I asked this question: If tomorrow you could get Internet access from the dashboard of your car and you could listen to thousands of radio stations from all over the world through an Internet receiver on your dash as easy to use as your radio, would … [Read more...]

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