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What if Listeners Don’t Want to “Engage” with your Radio Brands?

There's this assumption in digital-land that everybody wants to "engage."  That "engagement" is the ultimate goal of all digital activities. So then why is there so little "engagement" with most radio brands online? Is it because radio brands are poorly represented on digital platforms?  Or is it because most (but certainly not all) listeners use radio not because it occupies their every moment of conscious thought, but precisely because it doesn't? The answer is certainly "both." Too many radio brands expect audiences to "engage" with their station brands simply because those … [Read more...]


Radio’s Attention Deficit

Why doesn't radio get more love given (as we're always reminded) that almost everybody listens to it almost all the time in almost every place? This is one of the industry's greatest frustrations, and it's particularly frustrating when advertisers and others in the know echo themes popular in the cultural ether.  Themes like "Pandora is really cannibalizing radio" and "Sirius XM is really eating your lunch." This is a problem I discussed at length with marketing blogger extraordinaire and best-selling author Seth Godin in a conversation that will post to this blog soon. Usage, Seth … [Read more...]

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