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Watch the Opening Session of the Worldwide Radio Summit LIVE Online

In a first for the radio industry, the opening session of an upcoming industry event is being streamed LIVE online and you can watch it from the comfort of your own desk - for free! I'm talking about the first annual Worldwide Radio Summit next week in LA.  It's brought to you by All Access. I am moderating the opening session, and you are invited to watch.  Here are the details: KEYNOTE PANEL: THE FUTURE OF "ALL THINGS RADIO" 9-10:30 am PT, Friday April 29, 2011 Our panel of experts will discuss the current trends and future forecast for "all things radio." Whether it be … [Read more...]


Goodbye Cost-Per-Point

This is an old video, but it's ironic how the message rings truer today than ever. It's not at all about "positioning your radio station." What Tribune CEO Randy Michaels is talking about here is creating radio worth listening to and worth buying. Creating radio that makes audiences sit up and listen and makes cash registers ring for our clients. So stuff this in your PPM pipe and smoke it. … [Read more...]

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