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Media Unplugged: The REAL Story Behind TV’s Transformation

The REAL story behind TV's transformation. And... Amazon goes private label. Plus, rants and raves on the TV spot that's a podcast that's a local restaurant...or something, Facebook's "fake news" flag that makes content MORE popular, Jack in the Box's effort to monetize the marijuana munchies, and what happens when Netflix viewers know more about what they should see than movie critics. It’s episode 77 of Media Unplugged with branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey. Listen as we go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! Click the play button … [Read more...]


How to Measure NPR’s Success in a Digital Age

Is NPR’s performance on the digital front a sign that radio’s digital evolution has stalled? Or, worse, that it’s just a big hairy mistake? So says would-be town crier Richard Harker. Harker’s basic point is right on: Broadcasters should direct some of their innovative attention towards content on traditional radio channels and not only experiment with all things digital. I agree! But saying innovative effort should be spread around is different from saying initiatives on the digital front are a waste. Yet that’s what Harker seems to say with the example of NPR, where he steps into … [Read more...]


Is the Radio “Industry” Dead?

Everybody wants to know what's next for radio, and the answer is...More than one radio "industry."There will be the folks who see the world through the lens of 1999.  These are the people who see nothing but Arbitron's 100-share world in all its tenuous splendor.  All good things will come in over-the-air buys to this crowd.  These are the traditionalists.  The folks who drive with a great view out the rear view mirror.There will be the broadcasters who see digital as non-traditional revenue and are content (relatively speaking) to deliver two to six … [Read more...]

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